Annette Genovese releases 'Dream With Me'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Annette Genovese has released her latest album Dream With Me, which features a strong fusion of Jazz with a few very heavy influences of mainstream music.

Genovese is no stranger to music, having been a part of this ever changing industry for over 25 years. She is a professionally trained vocalist, and has completed three musical tours in the Middle East. This wide range of experience and talent can be heard on her latest album.

Dream With Me goes through stages as fans make their way through the album. It starts off with a strong soul vibe and works its way to a more funky, blues inspired song. These musical seems like they might clash due to how broad of a spectrum they can cover by Genovese has the true talent and ability to really pull the music together and produce an amazing and smart jazz record.

Genovese provides the vocals that really help to make this album what is is and her vocal performance allows the musical genres to cross paths in a variety of ways.

Other artists featured on Dream With Me include Rob Reich on guitar, Brian Glassman on bass, Jim West on keys, Paul Laduca on drums and rounding out the sound is Lee Farber on percussion.


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