Backstreet Boys release video for 'Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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The Backstreet Boys took over the musical world back in the 1990s but have been making a comeback now in 2013. The boys have released new singles and have been on tour this year to support, In a World Like This.

The next single off of In a World Like This is "Show Em' (What You're Made of)." This single has a inspirational and inspiring tone, all while highlighting what makes the Backstreet Boys a major music success, their voices. The music video for the single has just been released.

In a World Like This was one of the only albums that each member of the band had control over. No producers or outsiders controlling the sound. The album feels organic and a stand out track on the album is this latest single.

The boys are featured in the music video, with hardly any clothing. The shirtless Backstreet Boys are featured performing the song in a completely black room. This unique style of video allows fans to focus on the music and the talent of each member of the band. It is a strong move for the band. It shows that the band has grown up but are staying true to the music that made them so famous.

Watch "Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)" here:


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