Britney Spears releases the video for her single ‘Perfume’

By Andrew Wilson,
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Britney Spears released the video for her single “Perfume” off of her latest album Britney Jean, looking at the darker side of knowing another woman exists in her man’s life.

Lying down on a bed, dressed in his shirt and nothing else but a bra and panties, Britney sings about the man she loves who is next to her. There are flashbacks of the couple having a good time and being intimate with each other, all while Britney knows there’s actually another woman she’s competing with. She sings about marking her terroritory and using enough perfume so that the other woman can smell her when she’s with Britney’s man. But is it her man?

The video itself is a little confusing in that sense because while this interpretation seems possible, on Ryan Seacrest’s website he states that Britney is the other woman. That also seems very likely with Spears finding a text from a woman named Cindy on her man’s phone, stating that she misses him. Another clue to support this comes toward the latter half of the video with flashes of Cindy replacing Spears in the happy memories we saw at the beginning.

“Perfume” as a song starts very low and tender with just a piano, building slowly to peaks and valleys with some orchestration, but with a very somber feel. The singer’s vocals at times almost seem Cher-esque when singing at a lower register, but builds with the music as well with her signature vocal.

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