Canadian band Austra releases provocative video for single 'Forgive Me'

By Andrew Wilson,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Electronica band Austra released a steamy and provocative video for their new single “Forgive Me” off their second album Olympia.

Directed by Claire Edmonson, the darkly themed video starts out innocently enough with a teenage boy riding his bike staring at a girl sitting on a bench, then flashes over to a young man walking and sitting on another bench. But then lead singer, and name sake, Katie Austra Stelmanis walks out of the forest into a clearing, looking like a sexed-up Little Red Riding Hood, although in purple, wearing a short hooded cape and small dress hiked up showing lingerie underneath.

With lyrics "What can I do to make you forgive me," the video goes into voyeur-mode, with flashes of Stelmanis leaning up against a tree receiving and giving oral sex to the young man. They finally leave hand in hand, while the boy on the bike reaches a clearing in the woods staring at neon letters spelling out “Forgive Me.”

“Forgive Me” is one of the quieter and subtle songs on Olympia, with a constant beat going and sensually melancholy vocals throughout, leaning away from much of the album’s typical EDM, fast paced sound.

Olympia is out now on Domino Records. You can see the video here.


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