Childish Gambio releases music video for '3005'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Donald McKinley Glover has transformed himself into Childish Gambio and fans have been hooked on his unique rap lyrics and style ever since. Gambio has lightning fast delivery with his lyrics that seem to be written into rhymes that not many people could come up with.

The rap star is known for his unique skills and is moving his music into the future with his new single, "3005."

Childish Gambio has released his latest music video for his single, "3005." The video stars Gambio and an extra large teddy bear on an ongoing ferris wheel ride. The park is lit up at night and features Gambio on the circular ride.

Both Gambio and the teddy bear look great during video, which showcases the unique take on a love song that he has created. The music video is simple but that toned down visual helps to put the lyrics forward for the audience.

The video never goes beyond that shot. The lighting and simple style from the video seems very calculated and controlled, much like Gambio's work. Gambio does highlight in this video how effortless his rapping skills have become. His ability to wordsmith lyrics seamlessly seems like a natural talent for the rap superstar.

Gambio set the music world on fire with his latest work and it seems like 2014 will only advance Gambio further, after all, he is already looking forward to 3005.

Watch "3005" here:


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