Colbie Caillat impresses with new single 'Hold On'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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Back in 2007, a young pop artist named Colbie Caillat had the music world feeling "Bubbly." Caillat had hit after hit in the pop music realm, but was not heard up for the past year. Turns out the pop star was working on upcoming music.

She is now ready to share that music with fans and has just released the lyric video for her next single, "Hold On."

Caillat showed her range with hits like "Lucky" which featured Jason Mraz and "We Both Know," which featured Gavin DeGraw and was on the Safe Haven soundtrack but these tracks did not fully debut her more modern, elevated sound. That modern sound comes across fully with "Hold On."

The lyrics are catchy yet inspirational and the song creates a great space for Caillat to shine with her vocal range and ability to tell a story through her music.

The song features Caillat's very unique vocal ability, she has a tone that is smooth, sincere and elegant, all wrapped up into one. The singles does have more modern instrumentals and has the feeling of being turned up to the next level. Caillat has elevated her sound while staying true to the vocal stylings that fans fell in love with on "Bubbly."

The next album from Caillat is expected to be release in early 2014.

Listen to Colbie Caillat's "Hold On" here:

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