Danielle Bradbery releases debut album

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Winner of The Voice's last season Danielle Bradbery has released her self-titled debut album. Bradbery was the country darling with a larger-than-life voice who stole the hearts of Voice viewers. Bradbery was a member of Team Blake, so it comes as no surprise that Bradbery’s album focuses on country music but does have a few pop influences.

Bradbery has an incredible vocal range and is pitch-perfect. Her musical styling and country soul comes across in each track off of this debut album. "Heart of Dixie" was the lead-off single, and it showed fans what the direction of this album would be. The album does not disappoint and sticks closely to the country style that made Bradbery famous.

The country darling has advanced her sound on this album following her time on The Voice. The album has the feeling that it can be a very successful country/pop music crossover. This debut from Bradbery feels like one of the early Taylor Swift albums. By being in the same category, Swift can only help Bradbery launch her career even further into the music industry.

The only downside to this debut from The Voice winner is that each song on the album has a similar feel. As Bradbery goes on in her career more experimentation might become necessary, but for now, fans are getting the album they have wanted. The album is true to the artist that she is and Voice fans should rejoice in a job well done from the former winner.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "Wild Boy," "I Will Never Forget You" and "Talk About Love."

Watch the music video for “Heart of Dixie” here:


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