Danielle Bradbery is voice of 2014 Winter Olympics

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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Danielle Bradbery has become the next big thing in the country music industry after winning the fourth season of The Voice. The 17-year-old singer is now receiving another high honor, Bradbery has been named the voice of the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics.

Bradbery released the music video for "My Day," which features many Olympians and has an inspiring tone, helping to build excitement surrounding the new Olympic games.

The video captures the tone of the single and feels like a large sweeping single. The song should have the ability to capture the feelings that the Olympic games embodies, which are often larger than life. "My Day" fits into this genre and feels like it was written for the games.

Bradbery shows off her signature vocal range and is impressive with how much passion she puts forward when she is singing "My Day." The single is also featured on Bradbery's debut album, which has been doing well on both the country charts and the pop music charts.

The Winter Olympics will start on February 6 and can be seen on all of the NBC channels.

Watch the music video for "My Day" here:


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