Disney's 'Frozen' is another stunning classic

By Brittany Cruz,
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At times, this generation’s attempts to successfully recreate Walt Disney’s ability to produce iconic animated films may seem like a dying art. However, Frozen has every bit of classic Disney magic as its predecessors. Not only is the animation something to admire with starry, childlike eyes, but the storyline of two royal sisters becoming of themselves keeps the audience’s attention where it counts.

The two newest Disney princesses, sisters Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell), will fit right in with the likes of Ariel and Rapunzel. As first heir to the throne, Elsa is the semblance of liberation, whose fearful heart eventually breaks free of past uncertainties.

Bell was a spot-on choice to breathe life into the ever-so-awkward and adoring younger princess, Anna. Having spent her childhood behind the walls of the castle of Arendelle, her naivety and willingness to experience life beyond the kingdom makes for a humorous and affectionate character.

Rather than focusing on the usual prince-and-princess formula, the love interests come in the form of mountain man Kristoff (Jonothan Groff) and Prince Hans (Santino Fontana). At the start of things, it appears the typical love-at-first-sight theme is following suit when Anna first meets Hans. With an unfortunate turn of events that leaves the kingdom in an icy frost, though, she unexpectedly finds herself relying on Kristoff and his amusing reindeer companion, Sven.

Anna’s loyalty to her elder sister sets the story up for a happy ending befitting of a fairy tale. It also shakes up the traditional true love’s kiss element, replacing romance with the devotion of two sisters who are willing to sacrifice themselves for each other.

The most comical character of the bunch, the happy-go-lucky snowman known as Olaf (Josh Gad), is a symbol of the princesses’ strong childhood bond together. Olaf’s over-the-top personality is one that audiences will either loathe or enjoy. In this instance, the summer-loving snowman gets two thumbs up.

Of course, a Disney movie is only as good as its musical numbers, and the writers hit this one out of the park. Menzel’s voice is as dazzling as ever. She completely steals the show as the Snow Queen, Elsa, who belts out into song across the mountaintops during her period of self-isolation. Bell is also given the chance to sing to her heart’s content as the voice of Anna, whose lyrics are an open book of emotion and have an endearing sense of quirkiness.

If there was ever a time to get into the Disney spirit, Frozen is a perfect quilting of an enchanting fairy tale merging with modern animation. The old-fashioned stories of a prince saving a damsel in distress are beginning to fade, leaving the fair ladies to express a little bit more spunk and aptitude for courageous acts of strength.

No matter what age you are, Frozen is a bona fide Disney film that reaches out to every imaginative mind. It will not be thawing out anytime soon after the holidays.

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