Drake releases music video for 'Worst Behavior'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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Drake has had quite the year in 2013 but he isn't ready to take a break just yet. The R&B singer/rapper has just released a music video for his latest single, "Worst Behavior."

The video is set in a older neighborhood and features some very classic Cadillac cars. Drake is front and center for the entire video and is showing off his unique performance style. He is also wearing his chains throughout the video, fans have come to know Drake for always wearing his chains, even in the house as was learned on "The Motto."

The video features many elements make that might reflect that of where Drake grew up. This shows the contrast from what life was like for Drake before he made it big in the music industry, but Drake did not start out in music. Before he had a hit music career he had covered a lot of ground when it comes to the entertainment industry including being a young teen actor on the teen Canadian soap drama Degrassi.

Drake's album, Nothing Was The Same really showed off a different side to Drake and at this time in his career, he can only advance forward. He has built a large fan following and his music videos gain thousands of hits within the first day online. Drake might have started from the bottom but has officially arrived in this ever changing music industry.

Watch "Worst Behavior" here:


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