Dynasty Electric release 'Euphoria'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Electronic dance music took over the music industry in 2013. With artists like Avicii producing hit after hit all behind a keyboard, it is no wonder that more EDM artists are rising to fame.

Bands like Dynasty Electric are finding a whole new fan base as the genre moves toward the mainstream. Jenny Electrik is backed by producer and multi- instrumentalist Seth Misterka, and the duo from Brooklyn with pysch-pop influences makes up the band. They have a talent for combining the elements of EDM with live music, which creates a musical sound that cannot be put into any genre stereotype.

When fans listen to their latest album, Euphoria, it can feel like a live concert and pulls out strong EDM influences within a few seconds.

The album takes the time to pull fans in and build upon each single, and it comes out strong with the first track, "Supersonic." It takes fans on a musical journey that feels planned, as opposed to an album full of singles.
Stand-out tracks on the album include, "Supersonic," "Floating Around The Sun" and "Sea in Your Eyes."

Their unique sound really comes across well in a live performance setting when fans can see all of the elements coming together to form this musical harmony.
With EDM music becoming more and more mainstream, and fans looking for a modern sound, Dynasty Electric will be a band to watch in 2014.

Watch the official music video for "Supersonic" here:


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