Enrique Iglesias releases music video for 'Heart Attack'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.5 Stars

Enrique Iglesias is burning up the charts with his latest single, "Heart Attack" and now the Latin singer has released a music video with just as much heat for the chart topping song.

"Heart Attack" is catchy, passionate and is already an instant hit for Iglesias. Fans are loving this new modern style from the music legend, but respect that Iglesias keeps his Latin roots and vocal delivery the same since he first arrived on the scene.

Iglesias is known for his over the top and sexy music videos, "Escape," being a prime example but "Heart Attack" has a more stylized feel and is more of a modern style of music video for the Latin superstar. The video is edited at a fast pace and features styles that would be seen in a rock 'n' roll performance video.

The "Addicted" singer looks handsome throughout the video, while at the same time showcasing his passion behind his performance of the hit single. The video has already been viewed over five million times.

The one part of "Heart Attack" that might be slightly unbelievable is that a girl would be able to leave Iglesias in the first place.

Watch ‘Heart Attack” here:


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