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What kid doesn't want to be a superhero? With Everfan you can be a superhero every day!

Founded by Scott Chastain (aka Captain Stretch), Everfan Capes allow your child (and you too!) to become stronger, dream bigger, and play harder. A cape will quickly turn a boring day into a rambunctious afternoon filled with spontaneous new adventures, uninhibited giggles, and a victorious happy ending.

Donning a cape is also good for you! Research shows that good old-fashioned playtime is key to healthy social, cognitive and emotional development for kids and adults alike.

Everfan offers a line of personalized superhero capes that allow you to mix and match colors, shapes, and letters to create your very own custom cape. They also carry a variety of collegiate superhero capes that are officially licensed by the CLC, and a line of whimsical designs that are sure to intrigue your imagination.

These fun superhero capes aren't just for children. They have adult superhero capes too! Show off your unique design or company logo on a custom-made cape. They also offer bulk superhero capes with custom designs at very low prices. Blank superhero capes are also available for bulk orders.

Visit Everfan.com for superhero capes, t-shirts, caps and more!


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