Fauré releases 'Exessive Distractions' EP

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Lachlan McDiarmid from Cairns, Queensland, Australia is known to many in the music industry as Fauré. Fauré has brought his unique style and ability for using heavy beats and strong electronic dance music (EDM) influences into his music. He is putting a unique spin on music in a way that is not being done much recently.

Exessive Distractions is a gem in a music industry that is full of DJ's releasing mix tapes and EPs. Fauré is a relatively unknown artist but will likely gain a larger following as his music advances and gets more airplay in the clubs. Fauré does have the sound to be able to translate to radio airplay in the right setting.

Fauré does not run away from being labeled an EDM band, in fact McDiarmid fully embraces the rising style. The musical styling rises and falls at the correct times and has a modern feel that is not afraid to go into what might seem an unexpected path, but that is what makes EDM music relevant and unexpected.

The EP features only two tracks, "Arcite" and "1109" which are 100 percent beat and bass driven tracks that fit seamlessly into the EDM music that is topping the charts today. With only nine minutes of music on the EP, it makes a strong impression.

With EDM music growing and gaining a large following and becoming more mainstream, the time is right for Fauré to reach a new level of fame and musicianship in 2014.

Listen to "1109" here:



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