Fefe Dobson returns to the music industry with ‘Legacy’ music video

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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3.5 Stars

Fefe Dobson first arrived on the music scene back in 2003 with her self-titled debut album. Since her first album Dobson has not been heard of in the mainstream music industry.

Dobson is known for over the top lyrics and aggressive vocal style, but when she released her debut album in 2003, it was clear the up and coming pop star had talent. Turns out, she might have been ahead of her time. Her new sound fights in perfectly to the 2013 music scene that has been flooded with auto tune and with songs like “I Love It” by Icona Pop taking over the radio airwaves. The latest single, "Legacy" has an Icona Pop feel with Dobson providing her one of a kind vocal style.

Now the pop singer has released her latest music video for the single, “Legacy.” The music video takes a very creative yet interesting take on the single. The video takes place in a hospital type setting that features Dobson expressing her extravagant self both musically and her personality.

The video feels fast paced and keeps up with the upbeat lyrics and beat of the single. This new music video and song introduces Dobson back into the music industry as almost a completely new artist. With a louder, more modern sound and this change is refreshing for fans of Dobson and will help her to find new fans.

This new musical style really seems to fit into 2013 and in what will likely be the music scene in 2014. Dobson is out to prove she is not a one hit wonder and with this latest single, that title might be broken.

Watch the "Legacy" video here:


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