Flirty Aprons - Not your grandmother's apron

By D. Connolly,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Every year I host Thanksgiving at our house. This year the kids and cousins were finally old enough for a kids table, and my oldest, who is about to turn 3, was excited to help out with all the preparation.

So needless to say, when a package arrived on Thanksgiving eve from Flirty Aprons with matching aprons for me and my daughter, the timing couldn't have been better! She was absolutely thrilled, first of all that we matched, and second that the apron met her criteria of lots of ruffles.

I personally have never really gotten into apron wearing, mostly because I just don't think about it plus its not really my look. It kind of reminds me of my grandmother - in a good way - evoking memories of home cooked breakfasts and big hugs. But not quite the look I am going for while entertaining (at least not yet!).

Let's just say that these are not your grandmother's aprons! They come in a range of fun colors and styles for almost any occasion or look - including a little black dress apron complete with a string of pearls!

So this Thanksgiving rather than covering up my outfit, my apron was my outfit! I didn't take it off until after dessert. And for once my clothes weren't covered in grease stains.

Available from the Flirty Aprons website or on Amazon in women's, men's and children's styles, these aprons would make perfect and original hostess gifts, party favors, holiday gifts, or just for yourself.


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