The Fratellis 'We Need Medicine' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

The Fratellis are back and as good as ever! The Scotland-based group claims to need medicine, but they have seemed to find the remedy with the band’s third studio album released Oct. 7.

After a five-year hiatus, the band has re-assembled and put together yet another staple with We Need Medicine into The Fratellis' already excellent album library.

To dive right in, “Seven Nights, Seven Days” is the lead single off the song and perfect for the position. This track, with its upbeat melody and yet somehow sad lyrics mix together to lead the listener on an emotional roller coaster. If not only for that, it’s a general fun song and a adequate representation of the songs that could be found on We Need Medicine.

“We Need Medicine," the title track, is one of my personal favorites off it due to the songs raw energy and enthusiasm throughout the lyrics to all come together in a chant-along chorus. The song falls in great company with other notable tracks such as “She’s Not Gone Yet But She’s Leaving,” “Whiskey Saga” sounds like a sister song of Costello Music’s “Creepin Up The Backstairs” in a good way, both are great tracks. “This Is Not The End Of The World” is a slower almost spoken jam with an excellent melody, makes it a song that just sticks with you, much like all the others.

While perhaps a song or two can fall behind, compared to others such as “Shotgun Shoes” or “Jeannie Nitro," the album still doesn’t have a bad song.

The great thing about this album to me is that while the lyrics aren't genius by any means, the tracks they've created come as a total package. The styling you’d expect from The Fratellis, with excellent musical melody just makes a great joy to listen to. Through hiatus and reunion, they've still stayed true to The Fratellis and above all else, they're simply having fun.

All in all, We Need Medicine by The Fratellis is absolutely worth a listen to because there is a good chance you may fall in love with it. Check the band’s previous Here We Stand and Costello Music while your at it and you might just become the next biggest fan. Frankly… yes, I think the band is that good.

The Fratellis – “Seven Nights, Seven Days”:


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