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By D. Connolly ,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

There is nothing better than a love of reading and the early you get kids started the better! Thankfully, both of my children love to read and can spend hours immersed in books. So for a young child who is busy trying to figure out their place in the world, what could be better than a personalized book all about them?

The I See Me collection of personalized storybooks allows you to create a story, board book, iPad app, coloring book, or even a virtual book, especially for that little someone on your gift list.

To say that my three-year-old is obsessed with princesses would be an understatement. So it is no surprise that she is thrilled with her new book: My Very Own Fairy Tale. Fairies spell out her name, ultimately crowning her their very own princess! It is like a dream come true for her. As a parent I love the way they spell out her name adding a new letter with each page, helping us to teach her how to spell her own name. There are hidden fairies throughout the book, and a glossary of flowers at the end, so I have a feeling we will be enjoying this one for years to come before she outgrows it.

My younger daughter is the cuddly one in the family and Who Loves Me? is perfect for her personality! You get to personalize exactly who loves your recipient (Mommy, Daddy, sisters, brothers, grandparents, etc.) using your own names and choosing the order. The book encourages the baby to respond to the question of "how much" with "so much" while reaching their arms up in the air. Even my older daughter gets excited by this one, and she loves that she too is featured in the book - because of course her big sister loves her too! This book also comes in a gift pack with a receiving blanket, making this a unique new baby gift.

As a woman with a relatively uncommon name, who never had anything personalized when they were growing up, I love that I can create these for my children! With numerous titles to choose from, this is the sort of gift that people will appreciate and treasure forever. I know it will be on my holiday gift giving list this year.

Order online here where you can choose all the necessary details.


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