Jennifer Lang release '3 O'Clock - The Remix'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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3.5 Stars

Jennifer Lang is out to change the music industry. She is on a musical mission of refreshing perspective and making sure fans embrace living life to the fullest and reach their dreams.

Through her music, she expresses the importance of love and shows a wide range of emotions.

Lang has recently released tracks off of her album 3 O'Clock that have been remixed. Each single off of the album keeps its soulful R&B feature but has been brought to a new level with the development of unique beats, that range from instrumental to clear EDM influences.

Lang has a voice that is natural and effortless. She manages to combine a few musical styles in her tone and deliver but keeps her music rooted in soul and passion - very similar to that of her musical mission. Lang has even been compared to Toni Braxton, one of the highest honors a female soulful vocalist could receive.

With the remastering and remixing of the album, different elements of Lang's musical sound are brought forward. The instrumentals stand out more and her vocals can shine as the centerpiece in this musical creation.

This album tells Lang's musical truth but the remixed tracks take this truth into 2013 and beyond.

Stand out tracks on the album include the remastered version of, "Take Me There" and "Don't Think On It."

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