John Mayer and Katy Perry release music video for 'Who You Love'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

On and off again couple John Mayer and Katy Perry have released the music video for their single "Who You Love." The video was put on YouTube only a few hours ago and already has over 14,000 views.

The video features couples holding on through hard and good times while riding a mechanical bull.

Mayer and Perry are both featuring performing through out the video and the chemistry between the two artists is undeniable. The performances go beyond the scope of acting for a music video, it is clear that both musicians have feelings for each other and the song shows a more vulnerable and honest side to both pop stars.

The duo is seen singing to each other through the video and it seems as though they forgot cameras had been filming the video.

Musically Perry and Mayer have vocal range and styles that truly compliment each other. Mayer has a deep gritty tone to his deliver in "Who You Love" and Perry balances it out with her softer and sweet delivery of every word. Together it is a match made in music and what seem likes in life as well.

This track is featured on Mayer's latest album, Paradise Valley.

Watch "Who You Love" here:


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