John Mayer, Katy Perry release 'Who You Love' video

By Nina Vasiljevic,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

John Mayer is surely not a man afraid to show his affection and devotion to a lady he loves in front of the world. Mayer’s new video for the single “Who You Love” featuring Katy Perry is bursting with chemistry.

The song is very Mayerian - chill, slow and beautiful in all its simplicity. It is featured on Mayer's sixth studio album Paradise Valley.

Mayer and Perry not only make a great couple, but they are a flawless duo as well. Their voices perfectly complement each other’s, creating a harmony that breathes sentimentality and pure loving emotion into this song. The two should seriously reconsider making more songs together, because together they are sending a listener into a place of pure bliss with their pleasant, effortless vocals. Please, keep collaborating.

The video is just as simple as the song and thank you for that! The visuals do not divert attention from the song, but rather complement this stunning love ballad. We can see real life couples in slow motion, having a time of their lives while they’re riding mechanical bulls and in most cases falling off them. At some point Mayer and Perry, who have decided to give this mechanical bull riding a try, accompany them. When they’re not riding the bull, they’re amorously gazing into each other’s eyes and singing into each other’s ears, “You love, who you love, who you love…”

Simple and beautiful! Watch it here!

image: Screenshot


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