Justin Bieber releases ‘All That Matters’ music video

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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Justin Bieber released the music video for “All That Matters” only 14 hours ago and the video has over 2 million views on YouTube. Critics in the music industry, who think Bieber is fading into the background, will soon be proven wrong.

Even though Bieber has been maturing his sound and embracing more hip hop influences, Bieber has the staying power with his millions of fans.

The video profiles Bieber and his lovely leading lady and has some overall sexualized and sensual themes. The pop star is out to prove that he is becoming an adult and instead of going down the road taken by Miley Cyrus, which includes skimpy outfits, cats and a dramatic haircut, Bieber is taking a more traditional road to adulthood, complete with a beautiful blonde and going shirtless.

This new transition, musically and physically, from Bieber is to be expected. Fans have gotten a sneak peak into what the album will be based upon the singles that have been released on YouTube. His musical sound is taking a different direction but getting away from the bubblegum pop music genre isn’t a bad thing. It shows Bieber’s growth as a musician instead of as a pop star.

If Bieber can focus on his music and career, instead of making headlines, it will seem that he can make this new transition and keep millions of his fans happy along the way. All that should matter to Bieber is the music.

Watch “All That Matters” here:

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