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The music video for Island, the standout track from Kalen’s Fallen From The Sun EP, has arrived. Since its independent release at the end of 2012, Kalen’s Fallen From The Sun EP has been on heavy rotation in triple A and college radio, charting on CMJ Top 30 throughout the country. Her new band, KALEN & The Sky Thieves, has packed venues throughout the Northeast, including the Mercury Lounge in NYC, Fete Lounge in Providence, RI and The Empire Ballroom in Portland, ME. Island has become a favorite song on the live circuit, too.

Kalen sought out California video artist, Carmen Osterlye for the music video after having been introduced to her work through The Wassaic Project. Carmen, who now calls Brooklyn home has written, directed, filmed and edited a beautiful music video that captures the longing and beauty of “Island.” Carmen has long been fascinated with the relationship between motion and perception. Her work expresses the infinite possibilities of a moving image, replicating life in uncanny places in abstract ways. Something Else Reviews describes Island as “a layered meditation on separation. Kalen sings with the anthemic vulnerability of Kate Bush, but her compositions are straight-forward, less florid. More interesting than that easy comparison, however, is the way Island moves with such purposeful ambition from its initial heartbroken poignancy toward a hard-eyed sense of resiliency.”

Carmen captures the full dynamic range of the song and Kalen as an artist. The video poetically captures the transition from pain to resolution poetically, moving from ethereal landscapes to tough, sexy imagery. TheCelebrityCafe.com said the following of Island upon its release, “Island combines an electro flow in the background accompanied with vocals tied to a nice piano melody. Infusing a sense of hopelessness and hopefulness all at once, it is beautifully dark and simply an excellent piece of work.” The video succeeds at capturing this dynamic dialogue.

ISLAND (Official Music Video) from Kalen on Vimeo.


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