Kheswa & Her Martians releases 'Meadowlands, Stolen Jazz'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

It appears and sounds like Nonhlanhla Kheswa has had music surrounding her for her entire life when fans listen to her album, Meadowlands, Stolen Jazz and that is indeed the case.

Nonhlanhla Kheswa grew up between the two townships of Johannesburg-Alexandra and Sowet and in that area is where her musical roots began to form. Kheswa has credited her primary school teachers with instilling the need to sing and tell a story through her music.

Kheswa started into music early but it took until she moved to New York City, for her musical roots to really firmly be secured.

It was in New York City that Kheswa worked on her musical sound and developed the worldly vibe that fans can hear on Meadowlands, Stolen Jazz which was just released. Kheswa worked on the Broadway production of the Lion King and even worked with Wyclef Jean's ensembles.

These musical influences come together with her original musical roots to create a sound that is unique, worldly and inspiring. The music that can be heard on this album is that of someone who has traveled far and always embraced music, it can be heard in the instruments to the vocal arrangements.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "Qula Kwedini," "Nonhlanhla's Kofifi Medley: Pata Pata / Meadowlands / Nidink Imali Yami" and "Simon."

This is not a traditional album that music fans would hear in the mainstream music industry but if fans listen to this record and give it a chance, they will broaden their musical surroundings and see how true talent and musicianship can be put forth on an album.


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