Lea Michele releases new single 'Battlefield'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.5 Stars

Lea Michele had time to release one more single before looking ahead to 2014. Michele, who is known for starring on Glee, is now launching her own solo career in the music industry. Her first single was "Cannonball," which was a powerful song that featured Michele's Broadway vocals.

Michele is giving fans another side to her album with her ballad, "Battlefield." Until now, fans could still hear much of Michele's Glee influences, but now the superstar is shining with her own musical style. Her vocals on "Battlefield" seem effortless and are both beautiful and haunting.

Fans are left hanging on every word that Michele sings, and the song grabs listeners from the opening key strokes of the piano. The single is simple but takes the time to show how Michele can tell a story through her incredible and one-of-a-kind vocal range.

Each note of "Battlefield" takes the time to grow over the course of the song, and by the finale the instruments have come together and her true vocal range is shown.

The single is not a classic pop song, but it seems as though Michele's album will have a unique sound that will combine, pop, Broadway and even some rock influences. Michele refused to be put into a box when it comes to her solo music career, and she is showing incredible range for a performer through this ballad.

The whole album from Michele will be released in early March.

Listen to "Battlefield" here:


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