Lecrae's 'Church Clothes 2' Mixtape Review

By Jessica Starks,
Author Rating: 
5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Lecrae is a rapper who hails from The Lone Star State. Raised by a single mother, his association with the streets and his desire to save the souls of young people have driven his musical passions. With six albums, two EPs and dozens of singles, Lecrae has shown the secular world that it is possible to cater to the world's tastes while still being true to yourself.

A continuation of his previous mixtape, Church Clothes 1, Lecrae aims to go outside the box and show fans of Hip Hop that his music isn't just meant to be contained inside church walls; he makes music for everybody.

In this mixtape, Lecrae brings more of a secular twist to his tunes. With songs like "I'm Turnt" and "The Fever," he brings his own unique flair and combines it with the hypnotic beat that young people are so addicted to today, while still giving them something positive to dance to. He does it so that, if you weren't familiar with Lecrae, you would easily think that the song came from a more mainstream, secular rapper! He portrays the notion that Christians, even with their beliefs, can (and will) still have fun without compromising their beliefs.

You can listen to "I'm Turnt" here:


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