Leona Lewis releases video for “One More Sleep” off her Christmas album

By Andrew Wilson,
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Leona Lewis releases her first Christmas album Christmas, With Love on Dec. 3 and released a video for the single “One More Sleep” a day ahead of the album's release.

Lewis drives up in her right-hand drive Mercedes Benz, snow falling gently, to her less-than-humble cabin in the woods. She decorates the tree, wraps presents, and hangs a wreath outside as her friends head up her driveway for her party. The very pop-driven song showcases the X Factor winner’s voice, as it should. It shows a very cheery, happy time amongst friends during the holiday season.

The Daily Mail reported the “Bleeding Love” songstress has kept her personal life out of the limelight, but gives us a sneak peak with her boyfriend for a year, Dennis Jauch, who makes an appearance in the video. He walks in as Lewis and her friends are eating dinner, and joins in dancing and goofing around with Lewis in later scenes.

The original song, one of three from the album, is very Christmas-y with its jingling bells keeping time in the background, and orchestrated sweeps throughout the song, and Lewis’ vocals add pop styling. Lyrically, the song sings of waiting for the reuniting with that loved one for the holidays, counting down the days until there is only “One More Sleep” until you see them again.


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