Miley Cyrus releases video for ‘Adore You’

By Andrew Wilson,
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2.0 Stars - I Didn't Like It

Oh Miley, let me count the ways…the ways in which you bore us with a fairly boring video and an even more boring song.

The ever controversial - and becoming more and more predictable - Miley Cyrus released the video for her song “Adore You," or rather, hackers leaked the video on Christmas. Cyrus officially released the video as scheduled the next day.

The highly anticipated video was thought to be a fleshy, self-gratifying video, but it turned out to be not much more than Cyrus under a sheet, writhing around on a bed, filming herself singing. It leaves us wanting more, but not for the fact that it was so carefully crafted and thoughtfully tease-y. It actually leaves us questioning, “That’s it?”

The song itself is just as boring, if not more boring, than the video. A slow drum beat and piano play as Cyrus sings "Baby, baby, are you listening/Wondering where you’ve been all my life," with her attempts at drawing the words out over musical phrasing not much better than an average American Idol contestant.

The amateurish lyrics continue throughout - "When I’m crying out for you/I’m scared, so scared/But when you’re near me/I feel like I’m standing with an army" - which may please the tweens and teens, but it would leave your average music listener changing the radio station.

Where “Wrecking Ball” could have exploded Cyrus into a positive status, much like “Skyscraper” did for Demi Lovato, the video killed that type of momentum and turned her into a TMZ headline. “Adore You” does even less than that and completely misses the mark.

Hopefully Cyrus can turn it around with her next video and song, otherwise, controversy instead of her music may be the only memorable highlight of her year, or even career.


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