MKTO releases 'Classic' single

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

If music fans are not tired of the pop sounds of One Direction and Justin Bieber, MKTO might be the band for them. The band combines the elements that have made One Direction and bands like The Wanted famous.

They combine fresh beats with catchy lyrics and of course center the song in pop music. MKTO does have a unique style because instead of a typical boy band they are a duo. Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller combine musical harmonizes and unique vocal inflections to have a more modern take on the boy band sound. MKTO formed back in 2013 and this is their second single.

The boys sing, "they are bringing glamour back" and in the music video and single the boys have a more mature sound and gentleman, classic style. Even though the song is in 2013, the boys have a style and feel about them that echoes that of an earlier era.

The video is upbeat and fun, just like the single. It grabs the attention of fans with the opening scene that features Kelley and Oller looking great and shows off their sensational music style.

With a brand new year starting and the rise of boy band fame still going up, it is likely that MKTO will continue to make their own way in the music industry and attract new fans with their catchy pop music.

Watch the video for "Classic" here:


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