Moneual Hybrid H67 Rydis Robot

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A robot vacuum can save you lots of work but if you've got multiple floor types - hard and carpeted - it kind of defeats the purpose. The Moneual Hybrid H67 Rydis solves that problem.

The Rydis H67 robot vacuum and wet mop features seven different cleaning modes. It can vacuum, mop, and vacuum and mop simultaneously, saving you hours of housework. In mop mode, the H67 can work for up to five hours leaving you time to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities or spend time with your family and friends.

Twin side brushes can clean corners that typical vacuum cleaners can't reach. The multi-suction brush sweeps and collects dust into the vacuum, while a detachable microfiber wet mop cleans hard floor surfaces. The H67 recognizes when the mop unit is attached and won't go on to carpeted areas or rugs.

For consistent cleaning, use the H67's Reservation mode to clean house at the same time every day. Set the H67 to shadow mode and it will clean under tables, bed and other furniture that may be missed during regular cleaning.

Get the Rydis H67 exclusively at Best Buy for $399.


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