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The myCharge Freedom case gives iPhone users protection, power and convenience.

You won't have to worry about your battery dying during a busy day. The Freedom 2000 power case more than doubles your phone's battery life, giving you more hours of emailing, texting, talking, and more. Thanks to its built-in charging cable, you don't need any special adaptors and it won't interfere with your phone's other ports.

The Freedom does more than keep your phone charged. The high-density foam, dual injected rubber and hard exterior shell protects your phone from damage caused by accidental drops. And because it closely mirrors your phone's shape the Freedom is sleek and easy to handle.

The Rechargeable 2000 mAh battery gives you up to nine extra hours of talk time, a 110 percent increase on your phone's regular battery. You won't even have to charge it when you tear off the gift wrapping this Christmas because the Freedom comes already charged and ready to use!

The myCharge Freedom sells for less than $70 at Amazon.com


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