Parachute hits radio airwaves with new single 'Can't Help'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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With 2013 coming to a close, not many artists are releasing new tracks, but Parachute debuted their new single "Can't Help," and the single is doing well on the radio airwaves.

Parachute is an American pop rock band from Charlottesville, Virginia that formed back in 2006 and had success with singles such as "She Is Love" and "Kiss Me Slowly." Both songs had more of a ballad feel. The latest single from Parachute turns up the volume and takes the band in a more upbeat direction.

The combination of rock style instrumentals and pop lyrics became very popular in 2013 and Parachute is capitalizing on this new industry trend. The lyrics are catchy and the beat makes the listeners want to get up and dance.

Parachute is in a unique musical position with the ability to create sincere pop/rock singles that range from ballads to dance tracks, but keep the band's unique sound front and center. This is rare in the current music industry landscape.

The music video keeps the theme of having a more upbeat/dance feel. The storyline driven music video features a young man who can't help but to fall in love with a beautiful girl in an elevator. The video also showcases Parachute's musical skills as the band is featured performing during the video.

Watch "Can't Help" here:


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