Perma ‘Two Of A Crime’ Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Perma released Two Of A Crime October 29. If you don’t know Perma, you may know them better as Say Anything’s Max Bemis and Eisley’s Sherri Dupree-Bemis. The two recently formed this band, but it's not the first thing the two share, as Max and Sherri have been married for a few years as well as have a child together. (The name Perma is even a nickname Bemis made for Sherri Dupree when the two began dating). The love the two share is clearer than ever through Perma’s Two Of A Crime.

The album is essentially love songs written for and sang for each other, and if people like it, even better. While duets between couples can wind up turning horribly cheesy, this whole album is a compilation of duet songs that find a perfect balance. In fact, at points it's too perfect, you become filled with envy for the relationship they share.

Anyway, back to the album. I thought it was good. It was simple and sweet. Bemis and Dupree share vocals on each track, along with mostly a simple acoustic strum, but it's impressive how through eleven songs, it doesn’t get old. Dupree’s high pitched candescent singing along with Bemis’ stern, pleading yet brash and sweet at the same time voice accompany each other to become very real and genuine. That, along with the down-to-earth lyrics, makes Perma a joy to listen to.

While I enjoy almost all of the songs, few stand out more than the others. The title track and leading single “Two Of A Crime” is easily the best song on the album. It’s a Bonnie and Clyde style song of two criminals falling in love with each other. In this version, you can picture the two fill the roles. I couldn’t imagine anybody not liking this track. There’s also “Let’s Start A Band," a sweet duet between a man trying hard to get the girl he wants while feeling empty of self esteem because of doubts the girl would like him back. The acoustic strum along with a hand-clap chorus is just another cute love song.

“She Chose You” is probably the most real song on the album. This track is essentially Bemis counting his blessings that Dupree chose him out of any other fish in the sea. The lyrics are genuine, as is the love.

One of my biggest attractions to this album is it's very simple. In an age where music is at an all-time complexity, this simple boy-girl soundtrack shines through, and should be appreciated for everything it represents.

All I can say is hopefully this isn’t the last we see from Perma. Hopefully this album gets the recognition it deserves also.

Perma – “Two Of A Crime”:


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