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You never know when disaster can strike. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, blizzards, and floods can turn your comfortable life into a question of survival within minutes. You can always be prepared, though, with a bug-out-bag containing all the essential items you need to get through an emergency.

One tool you must have in your bag is a Power Pot.

The Power Pot is a reliable source of power when the electrical grid has gone down. This innovative lightweight generator has an indefinite shelf-life and can keep your essential electrical devices running.

It doesn't run on gas or batteries - things can be hard to find when the going gets tough. Instead, the Power Pot transforms heat into instant energy. And so that you can always have a source of heat, there's the Power Pot Stove, a lightweight, propane fueled stove that folds down into a tiny package.

Use the Power Pot to charge your USB devices: cell phones, GPS units, iPods, and lithium ion batteries. You can even use the Power Pot to run speakers, lights, fans, and other low-power appliances.

You can find the Power Pot and all its accessories - including the Power Pot Stove - at ThePowerPot.com.


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