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Walking is a great way to meet your New Year's Resolution to lose weight. Before splurging on a pair of running shoes, you should be aware that we walk differently from the way we run. PROSPECS Power Walk shoes recognizes these difference and has created a shoe that keeps your foot aligned and protects the heel from repetitive striking.

When walking, the foot is on the ground longer during every stride than in running. PROSPECS' patented MoveFrame TM Technology holds and supports the foot to keep it from pronating and supinating, keeping the foot and joints balanced and properly aligned. When walking, the impact on joints is merely the body's weight, while running has an impact of three times the body's weight.

PROSPECS shoes are great for runners too during their recovery times. Their shoes allow your feet and joints to recover from the impact of running, and also extend the finite life of your running shoes.

This holiday season give active women on your gift list a pair of PROSPECS Power Walk 405. These shoes are perfect for active mothers as they they push strollers through the park on their morning walk.

This lightweight shoe comes in at 11.6 ounces and features a 11.5mm heel-to-toe drop. The Walking Impact Zone insole provides protection and comfort and the Move Frame™ midsole structure features advanced ergonomic technologies. High-strength TPU is applied to the sides to control excess foot motion. The exterior features reflective materials for safer night walking, and Outlast allows for temperature regulation.

The Power Walk 405 promotes proper stepping and correct striding, superior motion control, and extra stability and propulsion. It is the ideal shoe for both serious power walkers and beginners who want enhanced sports walking exercise effect.

The Power Walk 405 sells for $149 at prospecs-usa.com.


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