Robin Thicke releases video for 'Feel Good'

By Andrew Wilson,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Off the mega-success of “Blurred Lines," Robin Thicke has released his third single off of his Blurred Lines album, “Feel Good.”

The video opens with Thicke heading down a hallway, tux disheveled, and then sees images of him playing a sparkled up Baldwin piano that surely Liberace would have been envious of. As the falsetto vocal continues, with Thicke continuing to play piano on a stage with billowing sunset clouds passing by in the background, dancers appear onstage as the music jumps into a full dance groove, with a bass drum keeping time and synthesizers play throughout. Similar images play during the rest of the video with the female dancers playfully dancing with Thicke, in settings from a roulette table to Thicke showering the girls with glitter from a champagne bottle.

Thicke is back in his wheelhouse with “Feel Good," giving his signature falsetto throughout, evoking sexuality with every syllable to the, let’s face it, pretty obvious lyrics to what he’s talking about when he asks throughout the chorus "Does it feel good?"

Does “Feel Good” have the same charisma and charm that “Blurred Lines” did; simply no, but it does show more of a normal side to the R&B singers repertoire which fans will surely be delighted with.


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