Skytown Riot releases ‘Soul or System’ EP

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Author Rating: 
3.5 Stars

Tennessee is quickly becoming a home for musicians from all genres, not only a place for country music artists. Skytown Riot has made Knoxville, Tennessee their home and has brought their alternative rock sound to local venues. The band is now ready to expand their reach beyond the musical state.

Skytown Riot has released their latest EP, Soul or System. Guitar and drum solos help to fill out the unique rock sound that pulls from a variety of influences including some electronic vibes. The album starts with some very aggressive guitar solos and doesn't allow any lead time into the EP at all. The unique musical styling takes center stage and doesn't drop off until the very end of the EP.

Stand out tracks on the EP include, “House of the Rising Sun,” “Runaway Princess” and “Sensational.” The unique elements in each single will also translates well when the band is performing them live.

These elements and results have lead to comparisons to that of Coldplay or Muse, but the band does stay true to the original alternative rock sound that have been working on.

The EP does show growth. The band had has a sound that is loud and unique, yet is relatable to a wide audience of music fans. Skytown Riot will be a band to watch in 2014.



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