Sparkydog & Friends release new EP 'People of the World'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Rock/pop driven band, Sparkydog & Friends are making an impression on the music industry, one city at a time. The band has been traveling all over, playing their music for new fans and getting their sound out into the industry the old fashioned way, playing shows night after night.

The band is giving fans a preview and a taste of what is to come on their full-length album. The EP People of the World features their unique pop/rock sound and still has a modern feel to it.

The industry is full of musical acts that want to combine elements of both pop and rock music to reach more of a fan base and have more mainstream success, but few acts have the talent and skill set to turn these two categories into a hit song or album. Sparkydog & Friends has that talent and is presenting it to the world to listen to.

It is clear in songs like "People of the World," "Red Light" and "Radiowaves" that the band is really focusing on the direction that music of this genre is heading towards, not the past. The lyrics, vocals and instruments all feel new in 2013.

The band has a very similar sound instrumentally to that of Fun. but the vocals take the music in a very different direction, which makes them stand out in an already crowded industry.

Sparkydog & Friends have the talent and musicianship to become artists to watch in 2014.

The band is planning on releasing their full length album sometime in the upcoming months.


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