Sylvana Joyce + The Moment - 'For You, Comrade' Album Review

By Nina Vasiljevic,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Sylvana Joyce + The Moment is an Astoria-based band that majestically combines Blues Rock, Balkan Folk and Gypsy Rock to create a unique and distinctive sound that will either make you drown in tears or dance on top of the tables.

After releasing a “Trouble” (2012) single and F#@%ME! EP (2012), Sylvana’s latest accomplishment with her band, The Moment, is a 9-track debut album For You, Comrade (2012).

Here’s what you can expect from it.

The album opens with blues-rock, fiery and zesty “Closer to Me” track, featuring dominant drums and swirling guitars. The following track, “Life Is Funny,” is a sultry and clinkety track instrumentally permeated with gypsy musical influence and composed of dominant bass, Balkan violin and drums that hit hard mimicking a hit of a dot key on a typewriter that ends a strong statement. The song leaves an impression on the listener with its variation in the tempo. “The Break” is an upbeat, instrumentally voluptuous track that creates a sense of urgency with Sylvana’s rapid-fire singing accompanied by a lush and theatrical combination of drums, guitars and whirling violins.

“Me For You” is a wistful ballad that opens with a sentimental violin and Sylvana’s fleeting vocal. It is absolutely stunning throughout, with the heartbeat-like bass and weeping violin crowned with Sylvana’s passionate cries. “Mojo” is an energetic track with blazing guitar, punchy drums and wild violin accompanied by Sylvana’s hard rock vocals. “Truth” opens as a breathy, hazy and dreamy track consisted of hovering guitar and muted violin and vocals, only to become crystal clear, just like the truth Sylvana is looking for and singing about. “It’s hard to trust you/and it’s hard to love you/and you always deny. /It’s always the truth with you…” she sings. “Trouble” is a fierce and passionate track sonically possessing all the glory and opulence of an underground cabaret scene. “Comrade” wraps the album in a Balkan Folk/Gypsy Rock manner with variations in tempo. A nine-minute summary of the album, the track is emotionally varying from vulnerable to fierce, from slow and melancholic to vivacious and playful. It is very Balkan and absolutely cathartic. It makes me wanna either cry or dance or even do both at the same time.

The ninth track of the album is an explicit version of “The Break.”

Overall, the genius of For You, Comrade lies in its unpredictability, virtuosity and honesty. It breathtakingly combines the blues with a good old vibrant sound of a gypsy caravan. This album is a crown of the band’s career and Sylvana Joyce, its shiniest and most precious jewel. Highly recommended!

Watch Sylvana Joyce's performance of “The Break” on The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase!


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