Taylor Swift releases new single 'Sweeter Than Fiction'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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Taylor Swift is one of the largest in the music industry today. With the hit record Red and a sold out world tour, the music world is being taken over by Swift nation.

Fans might have to wait a while before the next album from Swift but she has released a single for the movie One Chance. The single is "Sweeter Than Fiction."

This is an upbeat song from Swift and has the lyrical feel that her past albums had. The single is without a doubt a pop song but that is not surprising and swift has moved past her country roots.

The lyrics are catch and flow seamlessly. Swift, as always, shines and her personality comes through on the track. Swift is proving that she can do it all, have it all and keep her millions of dedicated fans happy.

The music video features scenes from the movie One Chance and is mixed in with Swift recording the song in the studio.

One Chance is the true story of Paul Potts, who was a bullied shop assistant by day and amateur opera singer by night. Potts ended up winning Britain's Got Talent.

Listen to the single here:

image: CBS


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