‘Wait For You’ by J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout

By Elaine Alluin,
Author Rating: 
5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Wait For You is by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout, who goes by the pen name J. Lynn.

In Wait For You, we are introduced to the characters Avery Morgansten and Cameron Hamilton. From the first moment they run into each other (literally), there is an instant spark of attraction and curiosity. The book is set in a college setting as nineteen-year-old Avery packs up her bags and travels thousands of miles away from her hometown. The spunky, yet skittish red head is trying to start over in a new town as her home holds so many demons and hurtful gossip.

Despite leaving her hometown Avery carries the cross of burdens, and the constant reminder of the night that completely changed her life. The silver bracelet that she clings to as her lifeline only covers the physical scars, but doesn’t erase the emotional turmoil she has festering inside.

On her first day of class she sticks to her game plan of starting over but remaining under the radar. As she rushes to her first class she collides with the most wanted campus stud, Cameron. Cameron is the all American poster child, with his athletic built, irresistible blue eyes and swoon worthy dimples. His charisma and playful personality he is hard to resist and can bring any girl to her knees. Cameron is exactly what Avery is trying to avoid as she sets out for new start. They are paired up for their Astronomy class project and Avery finds it hard to stay away from Cameron.

What started off as a friendship evolved to something more. Cameron gives Avery a push to embrace her identity that she has had hidden away for the past five years. As their relationship starts to grow their secrets still remain a mystery. Trust and honesty is tested, as Avery can’t come out and tell Cameron why she is receiving hateful texts and phone calls. How much is too much before their relationship falls apart?

Overall, Wait For You is full of angst, romance, and happy endings. It’s an exciting weekend read and you’ll be adding Cameron to your list of book boyfriends.


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