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If you think travelling during the holiday season was bad enough, try travelling with a small child! Fortunately, parents can now use ZÜCA, the ultimate carry-all bag.

Laura Udall was a dedicated and concerned mother of three young children, one of whom suffered severe back pain from carrying heavy books to school. As a young teenager, Rachel was diagnosed with 30 degree curvature spinal scoliosis. Laura knew if her daughter was having such issues with her school books, there must be thousands of students with the same problem. Laura went direct to the source and asked students what they wanted in a school book bag. She enlisted her engineer husband, Nick, to create a carry-all that would spare their young daughter's back and incorporate many of the design ideas requested by the students. Like every great Silicon Valley company Nick headed to the garage where he designed and built the company's flagship product, the ZÜCA Sport.

Perfect for holiday travels is the ZÜCA Mini rolling bag. This compact bag features kid-friendly dimensions and patented built in-seat with flashing wheels for safety and fun along with lots of secret compartments for stashing treasures. It is available in fun patterns and colors starring pirates, owls, rocket ships and ballerinas.

Kids will enjoy the responsibility of pulling their own luggage through the airport or up the driveway to grandma's house for Christmas.

When your trip is over, the ZÜCA Mini rolling bag is washable so that any surprise sticky messes that may have gone into a pocket or two can easily be cleaned away.

Get the ZÜCA Mini rolling bag for $135 at ZÜCA.com.



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