Alice Russell releases 'Midnight at the Beverly Laurel'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Alice Russell is a British soul singer who is embracing the latest elements of electronic dance music with her record, Midnight at the Beverly Laurel.

Russell has grown up around music and that type of dedicated and passion towards her craft as the daughter of an organist, and that is heard on every track off of Midnight at the Beverly Laurel.

She has been releasing albums since the early 2000s but this is a unique take on her soul singer-songwriter style. Russell is known for her incredible vocal range and smooth sounding harmonies. She has the influences of Aretha Franklin and Jill Scott, while embracing the musical style that has made Ellie Goulding a household name.

It is interesting and refreshing to hear such a soulful and powerful voice combined with the beats and mixes that are producing top 40 hits today.

Russell is not afraid to embrace some experimentation and change her musical style. She is a well trained and polished singer but is willing to push past musical boundaries and increase her musical range, including finding a whole new group of fans who are constantly playing EDM on their stereos and laptops.

Stand out tracks on the album include "For A While," "Heartbreaker" and "I Loved You."

Russell is currently on tour and is connecting with fans all across the globe. For an entire list of tour dates visit Russell's website.



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