Beyoncé gives fans what they want with new album

By Jessica Zysberg,
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Beyoncé continues to wow her fans with the release of her new album, BEYONCE.

Beyoncé released the new deluxe album on Jan. 14, including a disk with just the tracks on it and a DVD with the visual album.

BEYONCE was instantly popular and gained attention because of the way it was released. The album was originally released on iTunes without any advertisements or warnings. The release of the album was kept a secret in the music industry until it happened.

“Drunk in Love” and “Partition” have both been radio hits.

In “***Flawless,” Beyoncé speaks about how even though she is married to rapper Jay Z, she still gets everything done on her own and is her own person, despite what others say. She has included a monologue in the song about how women are depicted in society. One specific idea in the monologue is that girls are taught to aspire to marriage and not be sexual fiends, while men are taught the exact opposite. Beyonce speaks to her fans, sending them a message that they shouldn't let society define them.

“We need to stop buying into the myth about gender equality," Beyonce wrote in The Shriver Report, notes Forbes.

The album has a mix of hard hitting beats with uplifting lyrics all the way to slow R&B songs which change the mood to a more relaxed one. Featured on the album is Jay Z, as well as their child, Blue Ivy.

A DVD contains music videos for each song that is listed on the first disc. The videos are hot and steamy and show you a new side of Beyoncé that is perceived as sexier and more burlesque. A few tracks that earned a spot with a music video on this part of the album include “Drunk in Love," “Pretty Hurts," and “Blow.”



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