Colbie Caillat releases music video for 'Hold On'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.5 Stars

Colbie Caillat is lighting up YouTube with her new and creativity driven music video for her single, "Hold On." Caillat is changing her musical style and is showing off in this moonlit music video."Hold On" is the first single off of her fourth record which currently does not have a release date.

Caillat looks beautiful in the video and is seen in some intimating settings with close up shots. The "Bubbly" singer is also seen dancing with a variety of back up dancers.

The video feels more modern and like a new direction for the young pop musician. The lighting is complex and the whole vibe of the video feels fresh and innovative.

Ryan Tedder of One Republic fame was a writer and producer on this track from Caillat. Tedder has said that the new track is a "game changer," musically. It is clear that Tedder has a strong influence on the track and the beat does feel like it could have also worked as a rock driven One Republic song.

This is the second time that Tedder and Caillat have worked together. The duo paired up for "Brighter Than Sun," which was a huge hit for Caillat.

Fans are excited that Caillat is experiencing a new side to her musically and that she is embracing it whole heartily without fear. The video captures this new, modern musical experiment which is working very well for Caillat.

Watch the video for “Hold On” here:



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