‘The Destiny of Violet & Luke’ by Jessica Sorensen

By Elaine Alluin,
Author Rating: 
5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

The Destiny of Violet & Luke is the latest from the New York Times and USA Today's best selling young adult and new adult fiction author, Jessica Sorensen. It is the third installment of The Coincidence Series.

In The Destiny of Violet & Luke we get to tap into the heart and soul of Kayden’s best friend, Luke Price. Luke has always been a very structured person that strives for order and control. His past and childhood has always been an obscure secret that even Kayden has no idea what it entails. Being best friends since the second grade, the two bonded over broken households that shattered their innocence into a million little pieces.

Luke’s intense eyes, unfathomed expression, and tattooed broad body usually keeps people away from getting too close. Meaningless relationships and lack of emotions is what is ideal for Luke because it is a way he copes with his twisted childhood memories. The memories haunt his dreams, thoughts, and life as he can’t seem to block out the demons that consume him. Day in and day out Luke finds the off switch of his past through alcohol and fast women. His life takes a switch of direction when Violet Hayes hits Luke in the face, literally.

Walking to a party Luke is slammed to a stop as Violet hits Luke in the face as she jumped out of a window. Violet has had a hard life from losing her parents at a young age and going from foster homes to foster homes. Her parents' case remains cold and open as the killers have yet to be discovered. Violet has been exposed to drugs, violence, neglect, and irresponsible parents who failed to give her a loving home.

Losing her parents caused Violet to have a hole in her heart that breaks her down every day. She struggles with bits and pieces she remembers from the night of her parents' murder as she revisits the night in her dreams. Violet presents herself as a tough, smart-mouthed vixen who doesn’t let anyone into her life. As Callie’s roommate she shuts down any type of friendship and keeps to herself in her own twisted world.

As Luke and Violet get to know one another there is a reluctance and constant clash of personalities. The more they fight the more they are drawn to each other. There is a light of recognition they see in one another's eyes as they find an eerie sense of peace. Taking a leap of chance, Luke and Violet’s past comes back ambushing the happiness they found. As the past catches up with them they realize they have something so nefarious in common that it breaks them apart. Can love outweigh the constant reminder of pain, loss, and murder?

Sorensen’s intense and realistic stories never seize to amaze me and entice my interest. She is an incredible writer as she captures the raw imperfections of the beautiful and the damned.



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