Ellie Goulding releases music video for ‘Goodness Gracious’

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Ellie Goulding has released her latest music video, this time for "Goodness Gracious." The video features Goulding fully embracing her colorful music and personality. The video is as vibrant as the single itself and features a wide range colors.

Goulding looks beautiful in the video, showcasing her natural personality which is enhanced by the songs upbeat tone and EDM influences. This comes across on the screen effortlessly and the video feels like fans and Goulding are having a large party together.

The video is simple, as it does not have a major storyline but it feels light and upbeat, just like the lyrics and the instrumentals feel throughout "Goodness Gracious."

The "Burn" singer has created her music in her own way and her videos feels very similar to that carefree spirt that is channeled on every track she releases. She does not feel the need to be over the top but instead focuses on the elements of her personality and music that draws fans closer together instead of apart.

The video is not racy or overly sexy, but that is what makes Goulding who she is. She is an amazingly talented young musician in this industry with an incredible vocal range and spirit.

Embracing who you are showing that side to fans is what has made Goulding's videos successful on YouTube and her songs chart on iTunes.

Watch "Goodness Gracious" here:



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