The Fray release second single off of ‘Helios’

By Chelsea Lewis ,
The second single is titled Hurricane.
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4.5 Stars

The Fray are working on releasing their next studio album, Helios. The band has already released the first single, “Love Don’t Die” and is giving fans another track off of the album before Helios is released, and that single is “Hurricane.”

The new track has a similar tone and style to that of “Love Don’t Die.” The beat starts off strong and seamlessly moves into the verses and transitions into the chorus. It does have a that earthy and more modern tone that Helios seems to be moving toward. Fans might not be OK with this progression from the band because it moves their sound away from singles like “Over My Head” and “How To Save a Life” but with time things have to change and their sound is evolving as a band.

The lyrics and impressive vocals from Issac Slade are what have kept the sound and passion behind the band together throughout every album The Fray has released.

Near the end of the track the song has an interesting breakdown and really lets the vocals of Slade shine and brings in a variety of modern elements. Fans can feel the roots of The Fray in every note of this single but the band is willing to push musical boundaries and not stay in their musical box, which is respectable.

The Fray have proven time and time again that they know how to create singles and make albums that tell a story from start to finish. It seems that after listening to “Hurricane” and “Love Don’t Die” that Helios will not disappoint fans.

Listen to “Hurricane” here:



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