Friend Slash Lover release new single 'Don't Retouch Me There'

By Hayley Wilbur,
Author Rating: 
3.5 Stars

Friend Slash Lover recently released the single “Don’t Retouch Me There.” The indie band, consisting of members Josh Mintz, Frank Day, and Jake Hayden formed in Los Angeles.

They previously released their debut EP in 2010, entitled As American As Ones and Zeros. Their next project in 2012 was The Grey Area, which was a compilation consisting of six songs.

Their latest song is different than most popular songs on the Top 100 charts. It’s hint of techno and indie chorus provide a different melody that is apparent in most Friend Slash Lover songs. Besides the obvious meaning of this single, what is different from their music in comparison to mainstream singles is the metaphors and hidden commentary. They provide a meaning through their lyrics that most songs on the Top 20 list fail to include.

With lyrics such as “you stole my heart,” and “that little voice inside your head is not your own,” Friend Slash Lover provides relatable, common themes throughout their music.

With such a unique approach to rock music, Friend Slash Lover seem to know exactly what they are doing.



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