‘Before Jamaica Lane’ by Samantha Young

By Elaine Alluin,
Author Rating: 
5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Before Jamaica Lane is the latest from the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal's bestselling author Samantha Young. It’s the third installment of Young’s On Dublin Street series.

Before Jamaica Lane tells the story of Olivia and Nate. Olivia is an American native who has only been living in Scotland for a few months. In the short time in her new home she has been accepted in the close bond of Jo, Cam, Ellie, Adam, Joss, Braden, and Nate. From the first moment she laid eyes on the womanizing, breathtaking Casanova Nate Sawyer she felt an instant attraction but shoved it aside. His quirky humor and warm smile made her feel welcome and thought that friendship was what she wanted from him all along.

Despite being outspoken, funny, and gorgeous Olivia suffers from low self-esteem and she's completely insecure. At the age of 26 she hasn’t had much experience with the opposite sex, which fuels her insecurities even more. She starts developing a crush on a postgrad Benjamin. Olivia finds it painfully hard to talk to him and can’t seem to show her true self around men she is attracted to.

Olivia wants to find the confidence in herself so she asks her best friend Nate for help. She has become ‘one of the guys’ in Nate’s eyes, that is why she feels comfortable asking him to show her the ropes of the world of seduction. What starts off as innocent flirting turns into a steamy relationship of friends with benefits. Both Nate and Olivia have sworn that the relationship is just for practice and to help Olivia feel sexually attractive. They keep the relationship a secret from their friends and as time progresses the spontaneous activity turns into a beautiful romance.

Feelings start to become intense and cloud the notion of friendship. Nate's reluctance to commit to one girl arises as he sees Olivia has fallen in love with him. Being afraid to show his true feelings, he shuts her out and leaves her completely heartbroken. Seeing Olivia with her crush Benjamin tears Nate deep inside and he realizes the error of his mistake. Nate tries his hardest to win his best friend's heart back before it is too late.

Before Jamaica Lane has become my favorite book of hers yet. Olivia is a relatable heroine that deals with everyday insecurities that women face. It’s witty and addictive from the beginning to end. Before Jamaica Lane has the right amount of angst, romance, heartbreak and humor. It’s a perfect and genuine story of best friends falling in love.



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